Lineage 2 H5 Freya Private Server

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Welcome to lineage 2 H5 Freya Oracle server!

It's Free To Play

Server Is Most Open At 13:00 to 3:00 Greek Time

Server Bartz x8

Weight Limit X 4
Party xp X 64
Gm Shop
l2j Oracle Buffer
Mobs Champions Available
All Instances Available
Infinite zoom
Offline Trade/Craft Enable
Event Managers Are Taking Place In Main Villages And Giran
Andromeda Wedding
Character Birthday
Fortune Telling
Master Class Npc
Master Npc For Quests Items
And Many Events such as TVT, Heavy Medal, And More...
Thanks For Using L2J
Have Fun!!!

Discord Channel:

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Welcome! In order to login you must first download the game here:

When you install the game,delete the system file.Download this patch and add it in lineage II folder!Then,open system/l2.exe!After that you must download and install Hamachi!You can create account in the login screen!Have fun!!!   

Also you need to download Hamachi here:

Enter a guest name!When Hamachi is ready,press JOIN AN EXISTING NETWORK and enter Network id: hi5 Freya Server 1 or hi5 Freya Server 2 or... hi5 Freya Server 25. Password: 2516 and join! 

Sunday Jul 1 - Monday Jul 30
Sunday Jul 1 - Saturday Jul 7
Wednesday Aug 1 - Tuesday Aug 7
Saturday Sep 1 - Sunday Sep 30

For Guide look here:

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